Smart Meter - 1 Phase 2 Wire

E350/SM110 (1P2W Smart Meter)
Smart Meter

1 Phase Whole Current Smart Energy Meter with Import-Export Energy Measurement series with Inbuilt Load switches for Load Controlling and Communication Module with Plug and Play feature for bidirectional remote communication over RF Mesh Network (865-867 MHz).

E350 series has been designed for Metering, Load Monitoring & Controlling of residential and light commercial establishments.

E350 SM110 Smart Meter

Key Features

  • Bi-directional/ Import Export Energy Measurement; Forwarded Metering
  • Current measuring elements in both Phase and Neutral Channel
  • Remote Communication over RF Mesh (865-867 MHz) via RF communication module
  • DLMS compliance on application layer and IPv6 standards based Gridstream protocol over RF Mesh on network layer
  • Inbuilt & integrated load switches for load disconnection in case of overload/overcurrent events or via command from HES for Load management
  • Modular design with Plug and play feature; WPC certified; IEE802.15.4g compliant
  • Optical Ports, RS232 port sealing provision
  • Meter and Communication card F/W upgrade is supported over the air via HES
  • Meter supports Last Gasp (Power Outage Alert) and First Breath (Power on Alert) Power Outage Management
  • Auto Registration of Field Installed meters at HES
  • Self-Healing RF Mesh Network uses of Dynamic Routing Algorithm at Endpoints and Network equipment
  • Stores Load Survey, Daily Survey, Billing and Tamper data as per DLMS
  • Supports recording of Max Demand (15/30min IP; kW and kVA; Block Method)
  • Surge and Impulse Immunity to 10 kV as per relevant standards

Physical Characteristics

Ingress Protection
7 Digit LCD (backlit)
Display Modes
Auto, Push and High Resolution with Anti-tampering Feature

Power Supply and Consumption

Voltage Rating
240V (P-N)
Current Rating

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