Esyasoft is transforming the energy landscape with cutting-edge AI and IoT Technology.

About Us

Facilitating a seamless transition towards reliable, affordable and sustainable energy for all

Esyasoft stands at the forefront of Smart Grid technology with a comprehensive array of engineering, manufacturing, IT, analytics, products, and solutions. We excel in providing an integrated array of smart utility solutions including Smart Meters, EV Charging Infrastructure, Battery Storage, and advanced software development paired with insightful analytics.

Our suite of services encompasses Meter Data Management, Demand Response for Peak Load Management, Energy Audit, and an array of analytics-driven utilities management from load forecasting to GIS. Esyasoft is a leading force in deploying end-to-end Smart Grid solutions.


Touch 1 Billion+ Lives and Reduce 10 Billion+ Tonnes of Carbon


Drive towards energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint by enabling 500 Million+ endpoints globally

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