Decarbonizing the World Economy

Addressing climate change challenges by decarbonization. Utilizing the power of emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

A comprehensive Carbon Registry platform for accurate carbon emissions measurement, credit management and retirement.

We aim to guide the shift towards a completely decarbonized society. Ensuring precise measurement and monitoring of emissions is a crucial initial step on the path to achieving net zero.

The National Net-Zero Digital Infrastructure (NNI) is an integrated digital framework aimed at aiding countries in achieving net-zero emissions and meeting climate commitments.

National Carbon Registry

National Carbon Registry

The National Carbon Registry presents a full-suite platform for organizations to meticulously monitor, log, and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions. It furnishes accessible tools and materials to gather information on emissions, encompassing carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pertinent gases.

emission tracking

Emission Tracking and Reporting

The platform is designed with a clear and protected interface that facilitates organizations in entering their emissions data. Moreover, the registry broadens its utility by integrating emissions data within the wider Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting frameworks. Through this holistic approach, organizations can exhibit their dedication to sustainability and corporate accountability, extending well beyond just carbon emissions.


dMRV for Carbon Projects

A digital Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (dMRV) module across various sectors, utilizing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) methodology, enabling a transparent, accurate, and efficient tracking of carbon project performance and progress towards emission reduction targets.

carbon exchange

Carbon Exchange

A comprehensive Carbon Exchange Module which is a transformative step in environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. The exchange ensures the issued carbon credits are available for corporate and government entities to offset their carbon emissions effectively.

The exchange platform is backed by blockchain framework ensuring security, immutability, and traceability throughout the entire lifecycle of a carbon credit, from issuance to retirement.